Staying Connected: ONY Biotech’s Upgrade to Enhance Facility Monitoring

Jun 24, 2024

Modern technology has placed the world at everyone’s fingertips. Whether through cell phones, laptops, or smartwatches, we can connect with the online world 24/7. At ONY Biotech, we understand the importance of staying connected, especially when it comes to monitoring our facilities, equipment, and processes.


That’s why we’ve recently upgraded our facility monitoring system to the ConnectONE platform, providing remote capabilities for our Maintenance, Manufacturing, and Process Engineers. With this upgrade, our team can monitor and assess temperatures, pressures, flow rates, and power supply from any internet-enabled device, regardless of their physical location. Having access to these critical system control points allows us to operate multiple shifts and increase capacity, without the need for extended onsite technical support.


While the upgrade to the ConnectONE platform represented a significant investment in both time and resources, we firmly believe it was essential for the continued success of both our organization and our valued clients. Ensuring that we are always connected ensures you will always have product!